Pro Co MS-42A 4 Chanel 1 In/2 Out Microphone Splitter (x4) – 16 Total Channels – Rental (Daily)


1 available for rental


The Pro Co MS-42A is a 4-channel 1 in/2 out mic splitter. The female 3-pin XLR-type connector accepts signal from low-impedance (150 ohm nominal) microphone or similar source. A male 3-pin XLR-type connector is wired in parallel with MIC IN and provides signal to feed mixer input. A male 3-pin XLR-type connector provides floating transformer-isolated low-impedance output to feed mixer input. All connectors are on the front. A ground lift reduces hum and buzz by eliminating ground loops and providing proper grounding for various conditions.

Pro Co MS-42A Mic Splitter Features:

  • Provides 2-way split for lo-Z microphones
  • Four splitter channels in single rack space
  • Allows assembly of economical expandable splitting system
  • Great for musicians’ monitoring and remote recording
  • Connects with standard mic cables
  • High-quality transformer-isolated outputs
  • Rugged “Uni-Box” construction for super strength and shielding
  • All connectors accessible from front