ZOOM H4N Digital Recorder – Rental (Daily)


1 available for rental
Product Manual


2ch stereo/4Tr multitrack recorder.
4-channel simultaneous recording (built-in microphone & INPUT input) Equipped with variable XY stereo condenser microphone.
wav/MP3 format, 96 kHz/24 bit support, audio interface/card reader (USB 2.0 Hi-Speed) capability.
50 effects/center cancellation/pitch control/MS stereo decoder/variable playback speed/built-in monitor speaker.
Large 128 x 64 dot LCD with backlight.
Two XLR/PHONE input jacks.
Supports SDHC 32 GB.
Cubase LE4 bundle.
Battery (1 x 3 x 2)/AC adapter/USB bus power support.”