Mount-It! Tripod Projector Stand with Height and Tilt Adjustment – Rental (Daily)


2 available for rental


  • MULTI-FUNCTION STAND: The perfect universal laptop stand for music or work, a tripod for projectors, and more! Its multi-function design means you only need one portable stand or tripod for any situation, including the office, studio, stage, or outdoors.
  • TILTING MEDIA TRAY: Unlike other portable protector stands that only offer a single basic platform angle, we give you 45° of versatility, so you can find the perfect angle faster and enjoy your presentation sooner.
  • HEAVY-DUTY DURABLE: Configured with the safety of your media equipment in mind and designed to withstand heavy-duty use and rugged travel. The solid steel construction of the projector stand tray and its metal lip is able to support weight up to 22 lbs, multiple times your average projector or laptop weight, providing you with that extra peace of mind and keeping your gear secure.
  • SET UP AND ADJUST EASILY: Reaching up to 54.5″ in height, this tripod projector stand can be set up and adjusted in minutes, providing you with more height flexibility than other tripods.
  • GRAB AND GO: Able to fold down to a portable size and weighing only 8.7lbs, it is one of the sturdiest yet lightweight projector tripods you can find. Bring it with you as you go from presentations, to travel, to studio or office and even on the road.