Ibanez GSR200 Electric Bass – Rental (Daily)


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The Ibanez GSR200 is a great bass for any skill level. With its thin, fast neck and PJ pickup configuration, the GSR200 sounds and feels as good as it looks.

If you’re ready to bust into the world of electric basses, Ibanez’s GSR200 electric bass will bring the heavy — with comfortable playability and earth-rumbling tone. This axe is a beginner’s best friend, featuring a GSR4 agathis body, a maple neck with a jatoba fretboard of 22 frets, a Powersound P and Powersound J pickup pairing, tone, volume, EQ, and PHAT-II bass boost controls, attractive chrome tuners, and a secure and enticing chrome Standard 4 bridge. Shake the ground in style with force with this comfortable and dynamic electric bass.

GSR4 Agathis Body

Your Ibanez GSR200 electric bass has a body comprised of agathis, a wood found in the tropical far east and the southwest Pacific. It is often referred to as “commercial-grade mahogany,” and although your playing might not have the same full-bodied darkness that all-mahogany guitars do, your GSR200 will certainly have a warm color with present lows and mids.

Powersound P and Powersound J Pickup Pairing

To capture and project your playing, your GRS200 houses a Powersound P neck and Powersound J bridge pickup combination. These two baddies capture the resonance and low-end rumble of your bass’s strings with presence and confident articulation. You won’t have to worry about any mud getting in the way of your tone, even when you hit those lower notes on your E string. Your controls also feature a PHAT-II bass boost if you want to get a little extra push to bring out a heavier sound to your playing.


Comfortable Maple Neck and Jatoba Fretboard

This axe also features a comfortable and resonating maple neck with a smooth jatoba fingerboard. Maple is often a popular choice for necks because of its bright tonal color and the tightness it adds to your lower frequencies. Your playing transfers over smoothly and seamlessly as your hand comfortably slides across this appendage’s 22 frets.


Eye-catching Chrome Hardware

Keeping your strings secure and in tune are your chrome tuners and chrome Standard 4 bridge. Your playing will maintain lasting intonation and enduring sustain when you hold your notes in tonal suspense. Plus, the shimmer of chrome adds an appealing slick character to your GSR200. This axe is an assured testament that a beginner’s bass doesn’t have to lack in sound or flair.



– GSR4 agathis body
– Maple neck with jatoba fretboard of 22 frets
– A Powersound P and Powersound J pickup configuration
– Volume, tone, EQ controls, and PHAT-II bass boost controls
– Secure Standard 4 bridge
– Sleek and attractive chrome hardware