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Back in 1984, Boss brought you the famous DD2 digital delay pedal — and with the Boss DD-7 Digital Delay, that legendary effect has been updated with new features and tons of tonal options for your signal. Dual input and output jacks allow for stereo opportunities, a sweet set of delay settings lets you craft an almost limitless span of sonic textures, and that rugged Boss outer metal chassis will keep you stomping gig after gig. There are virtually endless possibilities once you incorporate this amazing delay effects pedal into your signal chain.

The Boss DD2 Delay Sound — Based on the Roland SDE-3000

Back in the mid-’80s, Boss introduced the classic DD2 digital delay pedal, which quickly became a staple in the world of digital delay effects for guitarists. This pedal was focused on a chip used in Roland’s SDE-3000 rack-mounted digital delay, harnessing a 12-bit AD converter to yield effects to make your head spin. The Boss DD-7 takes these facets and adds more features to give you even more sonic avenues to wander down. This sweet delay pedal is no one-trick pony — it’s ripe for experimentation.

Cool Controls for Shaping Your Delay

The control layout of your DD-7 is reasonably simple — effects level, feedback level, delay time, and mode controls give you everything you need to shape the character of your delay. The effects level knob dials in how much of the effect mixes into your signal, the feedback level lets you delay your already-delayed signal to add multiple repetitions, and your delay time determines the length of the delay. The mode control features several millisecond settings, a hold setting, a modulate setting for chorus-like sounds, an analogue setting to mimic the DM2, and a reverse setting for some trippy ’70s-styled licks.

Going Hands Free

To get the most out of this workhorse of a pedal, a separately sold external footswitch and expression pedal can be utilized to take advantage of tap-tempo features and seamlessly change the levels of your delay time, feedback, and effect level in the middle of your set. Also, the hold setting on the DD-7 gives you up to 40 seconds of input to be recorded, which allows for plenty of layering and interesting combinations in just a few simple stomps.

Using the Stereo Output Setting

For either live or recording settings, the option of stereo outputs opens the door for boatloads of possibilities. You can do interesting mixes of your dry and wet signals, create intriguing spatial audio sweeps, and have a lot fun just playing around with true left and right panning options for your output signals.

A good delay pedal is a guitarist’s best friend — and the DD-7 is a great one!


– Digital delay pedal
– Effects level, feedback level, delay time, and mode controls
– Modulation delay, analogue delay, and reverse settings
– Check indictor light for tempo, hold, and check battery indications
– Dual 1/4″ inputs
– One 1/4″ tempo/EXP jack
– dual 1/4″ outputs for stereo out option
– Powered via 9 volt battery or external power supply — sold separately
– Maximum delay time of 6.4 seconds
– Lightweight at only one pound
– Rugged and durable outer chassis