Mackie SRM1850 Powered Subwoofer w/Cover (1600 Watts, 1×18″) – Rental (Daily)


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The Mackie SRM1850 powered subwoofer delivers 1600 watts through a single 18-inch high-output LF driver. This sub is designed to work in perfect tandem with the Mackie SRM550 and SRM650 satellite speakers, but features a variable crossover control so that you can get it thumping in other full-range setups as well.

Stereo XLR Inputs, Full-Range and High-Pass Outputs

The I/O section on the rear panel gives you balanced XLR inputs, plus two XLR outputs on both A and B channels. The first pair of outputs send High Pass signals to your satellite speakers. Just press the High Pass Mode button to select Mackie SRM550 or SRM650 top boxes, or select “VAR” for variable high-pass frequency and set the knob anywhere from 60 Hz to 120 Hz. The SRM1850 also has a pair of XLR full-range outputs.

Excellent DSP Onboard

The Mackie SRM series benefits from the presence of their proprietary High-Definition Audio Processing. This built-in DSP actively works to assure smooth frequency response during performance, while Mackie’s SmartProtect limiter monitors for level surges that might damage the SRM1850’s amp or speaker, and attenuates the signal accordingly.

Built To Last

The SRM1850’s cabinet is an all-wood design, internally braced to be super-strong and resist wear and tear on the road. The cabinet is loaded with an 18-inch speaker with a 3-inch voice coil, employing an all-ferrite magnet and a paper diaphragm. And as you might expect from a pro-level PA sub, the SRM1850 has a pole cup mount right on top too, so you can use it as a strong and sturdy base to pole-mount satellite tops.